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March 2017

Welcome to our March issue of E.A.W. eNewsletter for the Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless/Smartworld industry. Please review the stories below; click on the relevant hyperlink in the title to learn more.

Bureau Veritas CPS India obtains NABL Status for Automotive Lab in Pune
Capable to perform third-party testing for automotive sector, having the core capabilities under NABL (ISO 17025) scope 
Provide all major mechanical & environmental testing for metals, plastic, rubber, painted items, leather, electrical and electronic parts and automotive components
Fully support automotive manufacturers and suppliers in meeting various international and regional requirements including material, reliability, fatigue, vibration, analytical (REACH & RoHS), export homologation and emission testing (VOC & SVOC)
Bureau Veritas LCIE becomes a Notified Body for RED Directive
Notified Body status under EN 17065 on the Radio Equipment Directive obtained from Cofrac
The RED Directive applies to all radio equipment that transmit and/or intentionally receive radio waves for radio communication and/or radiodetermination purposes
Responsibilities by manufacturers, importers, and distributors relating to product launch (traceability and surveillance requirements) are specified and strengthened under the RED
7layers joins force with Actility to scale up "ThingPark Connected" programme globally
Actility is the industry leader in LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) large-scale infrastructure and the innovator behind the ThingPark IoT Solution platform
7layers has implemented the ThingPark Connected test plans for Europe, and will have testing available across North America and APAC in coming months
7layers will be able to offer vendors a full service, for example providing LoRaWAN Certification or radio antenna performance optimization, alongside ThingPark Connected testing
Forum: Next Generation VR HMD and 60GHz WiGig Ultra-high-speed for wireless communication technology
31 March, 2017 in Hsinchu, Taiwan
Co-hosting with Mr. Loop, a Taiwanese innovative design company specialized in WiGig 60GHz Solution
Update of WiGig & WiFi certification including demonstrations of WiGig applications plus 360° VR application and market trend; and Bureau Veritas' comprehensive solution for RF testing of 60GHz

Enjoy reading the E.A.W. eNewsletter, and stay connected with us.

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E&E Updates
EU Publishes Provisions on the Approval of Vehicles with Regard to Electromagnetic Compatibility
Argentina Amends Safety and Certification Requirements for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
Ecuador Establishes Requirements for Domestic Induction Heating Appliances for Food Preparation
Brazil Approves Amendments to Conformity Assessment Requirements for Computer Goods
Brazil Seeks Comments on Proposed Requirements and Targets for Ceiling Fans
Taiwan Establishes Labelling Criteria for Electrical Appliances and Electronic Goods
Taiwan Amends Requirements for Certain Lamps and Other Electrical Products Subject to Inspection
Ecuador Drafts Requirements for Decoders for the Terrestrial Digital Television International Standard
Japan Drafts Ministerial Ordinance Regarding Amendment to Regulations for Radio Equipment
Taiwan Issues Draft Amendment to Regulations on Telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices
US Delays Effective Dates for Final Rules Regarding Ceiling Fans, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps
EU Invalidates Communication on EcoDesign Requirements for Household Tumble Dryers
Oman Drafts Ordinance on Energy Performance and Labelling Requirements for Air Conditioners
European Commission Issues Corrections Regarding Energy Labelling of Vacuum Cleaners
Panama Drafts Technical Regulation on Energy Efficiency and Labeling of Certain Air Conditioners
European Commission Issues Corrigendum Regarding Energy Labelling of Televisions
Chile Establishes Energy Labeling Requirements for Dryers, Televisions, and Dishwashers
Chile Establishes Information Requirements for Specified Electrical Products Marketed on the Internet
EMV 2017 International Exhibition with Workshops on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Stuttgart, Germany
28 - 30 March
Seminar: Next Generation VR HMD and 60GHz WiGig Ultra-high-speed for wireless communication technology forum
HsinChu, Taiwan
31 March
Automative Testing Expo Europe
Messe Stuttgart, Germany
20 - 22 June
automation meets wireless
Messe Essen, Germany
21 - 22 June
Mobile World Congress Shanghai
Shanghai, China
28 June - 1 July
Mobile World Congress Americas
San Francisco, USA
12 - 14 September
Automotive Testing Expo USA
Michigan, USA
24 - 26 October
Summary of Trainings in April 2017
Fontenay aux Roses / Moirans, France
Electromagnetic Compatibility - Radio
4 April
Control & Testing Measurements
5 April
Sustainable Development
12 - 13 April
Access to Global Markets - Regulations
14 April
Explosive Atmospheres
19 - 20, 25 - 26, 27 - 28 April
Medical Devices
27 - 28 April

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