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July 2017

Welcome to our July issue of E.A.W. eNewsletter for the Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless/Smartworld industry. Please review the stories below; click on the relevant hyperlink in the title to learn more.

ERA-GLONASS Certification for Vehicles and Components - Our Global Approach
BV-VEO has formed an ERA-GLONASS localization alliance in China and set up the first collaborative laboratory to support localized ERA-GLONASS testing and certification for mainland China market
Following the recent development in Asia, Bureau Veritas in Europe now provides ERA-GLONASS certification for vehicles and components, offering a global approach for ERA-GLONASS manufacturers
All vehicles such as cars, buses or trucks within the EURASIAN Customs Union have to be installed with the ERA-GLONASS emergency calling system
ERA-GLONASS certification requirements demand a number of tests which have to be passed successfully for either the in-vehicle component certification or certification of the complete vehicle
7layers offers new Antenna Performance Evaluation for LoRa devices
New RF antenna performance test specification compliance, in addition to the existing LoRa core specification
7layers is a CONTRIBUTOR member of the LoRa Alliance
7layers is one of the first consulting, engineering and testing providers to offer a new LoRa service for connectivity providers, service providers, and LoRa end-device manufacturers
Bureau Veritas presents "Cybersecurity Guidelines for Software Development & Assessment (BV-SW-200)"

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E&E Updates
US DOE Issues Final Rule Detailing Standards Pertaining to Certain Classes of Refrigeration Systems
Hong Kong Publishes Regulation Regarding Eco-Responsibility of Regulated Electrical Equipment
Thailand Drafts Amendment on Safety Requirements for Specified Circuit-Breakers for Domestic Use
Kuwait Announces Ban on the Import and Manufacture of Incandescent Bulbs
Brazil Reminds Retailers that LED Lamps Should Only be Marketed with INMETRO Seals
Australia Proposes Amending Legislation Relating to Telecommunications
Mexico Drafts Requirements and Specifications for Certain Types of Mobile Terminal Equipment
Taiwan Seeks Comments for Proposed Amendment Regarding Low-Power Radio-Frequency Devices
Turkey Drafts Regulation on EcoDesign Requirements for Energy-Related Products
US Amends Energy Labeling Rules in Regards to Certain Ceiling fans, Water Heaters, and Lamps
Mexico Establishes Requirements for Energy Efficiency and User Safety for Room Air Conditioners
Egypt Establishes Energy Efficiency Labeling Requirements for Various Household Appliances
Chile Drafts Protocols on Certification Procedures for Lawn Mowers and Lawn Trimmers

ST Developers Conference
Santa Clara, USA
6 September
Mobile World Congress Americas
San Francisco, USA
12 - 14 September
Seminar: V2X - Wireless Connectivity for Automotive
Ratingen, Germany
14 September
Seminar: Exchanges on Conformity Assessment FIEEC
Paris, France
20 October
Automotive Testing Expo USA
Michigan, USA
24 - 26 October
SPS IPC Drives 2017
Nuremberg, Germany
28 - 30 November

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