Environment and shipping

The matter of preserving the environment and responding to all related issues have become increasingly important to business strategies. This is especially true for the shipping industry.

Compliance with regulatory standards and rules is now mandatory for your vessels. Contributing to a better future by protecting human health and natural ecosystems is also a top priority. We therefore are committed to finding the best solutions to help you reach your goal.

Shipping has an impact on everything around us: the air, water and earth in general. We have adopted a wide range of services and products to facilitate the implementation of environmental regulations and the management of environmental risks.

We offer air and water pollution prevention through our oil pollution notation. We cover in particular the four following axes:

Our pollution prevention notations, CLEANSHIP and CLEANSHIP SUPER, provide full visibility throughout the ship's lifetime. 



Ballast Water Management 


The ballast water management convention adopted by IMO in  2004 deals with the problem of harmful aquatic organisms in a ship’s ballast water.

Ballast water is a major vector for the translocation of aquatic species. As many as 10,000 non-indigenous species are transported daily in ships around the world.

Invasive species may cause rapid changes in the biodiversity of local marine ecosystems, therefore threatening the environmental balance and related economic resources.


This is why the convention requires management of ballast water and sediment for all voyages and approval of the management plan and record book.

Bureau Veritas offers:

We also provide certification services for the approval of ballast water management plans relating to structure, stability and machinery.

  • technical assistance:

    • assistance for manufacturers in applying the IMO guidelines G8

    • assistance with performing risk assessment for ships and crews (IMO Guidelines G9) for all systems using active substances


Oil pollution prevention 


The wide-ranging MARPOL convention is the bedrock of the international regulatory framework. Its annex I covers oil pollution.

Bureau Veritas offers:

Our Emergency Response Service (ERS) is a technical assistance available within two hours at any time in case of a maritime accident at sea, particularly where serious oil spills may be expected.


Air Pollution Prevention


The annex VI of MARPOL addresses atmospheric pollution from ships, in port and at sea, by setting limits on sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from ship exhausts, by prohibiting deliberate emissions of ozone depleting substances and by putting a global cap on the sulphur content of full oil.

Emissions of greenhouse gases are also under regulation.


Bureau Veritas offers:

  • Classification and certification:

    • Issuance of the EIAPP Certificate for diesel engines, surveys and issuance of the IAPP Certificate on behalf of the flag state

    • class notations CLEANSHIP and CLEANSHIP SUPER

We provide consultancy services to assess the performance of chartered vessels against fuel consumption-power.

SEECAT stands for “Ship efficiency calculation and analysis tool.” It generates the ship's energy model and can simulate the ship’s air emissions based on user-defined scenarios.


Ship Recycling


IMO adopted recommendatory guidelines for ship recycling in 2003. A new compulsory instrument-fixing requirement for shipowners and scrap yards is under discussion.


Bureau Veritas has published the rules for the notation Green Passport (NR 528). The new rules have been specially developed to help our clients prepare for compliance with the IMO Convention on Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, when it comes into force.

We offer assistance:

  • to shipping companies needing to compile the inventories of hazardous materials (IHM)

  • to shipowners that manage tenders for procuring de-pollution and dismantling services and for the management of dismantling operations


We also offer services on the vessel before dismantling to identify, quantify and specifically locate the potential hazardous materials and substances.

Visit our page dedicated to our research and development (R&D) projects.


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