Bureau Veritas is a service company specializing in QHSE management (quality,health, safety and environment) and social accountability, with a network that covers 150 countries and includes 850 offices and laboratories.

With  strong competent workforce, Bureau Veritas Egypt branch offers an extensive range of technical services and solutions in the fields of certification, conformity assessment, consulting and training in most of its 8 business lines which are Marine, Industry, In Service verification, System Certification Services, Health & Safety, Construction, Government Services & International trade and Consumer Products. 

Bureau Veritas began its operations in Egypt 1971 with the marine activity but on 1993 we started In-service Verification, System Certification, Health, Safety & Environment and Government Services & International Trade.

Bureau Veritas aims at creating added value for its customers through assistance in risk management and performance optimization. The group provides diversified solutions according to the needs of small and medium-sized firms as well as large international groups and government bodies. Bureau Veritas is thus present in many markets such as marine,construction, industry, energy, consumer goods, transport and services. The group’s activity can involve, for example, verifying the different steps of a building’s construction, testing materials, surveying ships or reviewing offshore construction plans, controlling the environmental impact of an industrial plant, inspecting goods before shipment in a port, or certifying products or systems.

Through all of the above, Bureau Veritas carries out its core commission of conformity assessment & certification which means inspecting, verifying or certifying assets as well as projects, products or systems, using its own benchmark references or external standards, in order to deliver compliance reports.

Responsiveness and availability of qualified local and technical teams are two of the main strengths appreciated by Bureau Veritas’ customers which include more than 1560 in Egypt.

To discover our training services, please refer to our training website:                      


HEAD OFFICE Cairo Office 
51 Hassan aflaton from Elnozha street, 6th floor - Cairo - Egypt
Tel:  + 202 24183020 / +202 24182998 /+202 22900195
Cell number: +20100 9114899 / +20100 8771 887 / +20100 9904 699
Fax:  + 202 24183016

601 El-Gawhara tower Elhoreya Road , 6th floor –Zezenia- Alex-Egypt
Tel :  + 203 5757504 / +203 5757509 /+203 5757510
Fax :  + 203 5757515


2nd floor, 46 Gawhar El Kaed - Beside Suez Canal Authority Hospital - Port Tawfik – Suez-Egypt

Tel: 002- 062-3198901            Fax: 002- 062-3198902


Bureau Veritas Egypt Chief Executive

Yasser Saleh holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Management from the American University in Cairo, and a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from Ain Shams University.He has 27 years of experience in Management/Supervision in the fields of Construction and Oil & Gas Industries.He started his career as construction engineer in 1991 and moved to oil field services on 2000, worked in various positions with Arabtec, Schlumberger, EDECO, TWMA, Weatherford and Franks International in Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, and UAE.Since November 2017, Yasser is holding the position of Industry & Facilities Chief Executive for Bureau Veritas Egypt.
His cell phone number: +2 0101 5656933


Bureau Veritas provide independent inspection, sampling and testing services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our network of laboratories, strategically located in key trading locations around the world, provide precision analytical testing to both internationally recognised standards and customer-specific methodologies.

Our services cover quantity determination, vessel and railcar loading and discharge inspections; terminal stock reporting, blending services, quality testing and certification. Other physical interventions include tank calibration services, bunker inspections and meter proving.

Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Services


Oil & Petrochemicals Global Services


With 80,000 clients in more than 100 countries, delivering over 100,000 certificates, Bureau Veritas Certification (formerly BVQI) is the world's leading certification body.

Relying on a global network of 5,700 highly qualified auditors and expertise that is recognized by more than 35 national and international  accreditation bodies, Bureau Veritas Certification provides you with a comprehensive range of certification and auditing services from public standards to more customized schemes, in the fields of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility (QHSE-SR).

Bureau Veritas Certification is the independent certification body of Bureau Veritas.....


Delivering Added Value through Innovative Solutions & Services 

Bureau Veritas Certification is strategically positioned to deliver innovative solutions based on our clients’ unique needs. We are committed to bring you added value through our seamlessly integrated global services. Among our solutions portfolio, customers can select from key industries such as aerospace, automotive, agro-food, railways, chemical, and more. We also offer the possibility of combining certifications, incorporating a wide range of recognized standards and bringing you consistency, optimization and efficiency. Based on our proven expertise, we created VeriCert®, Bureau Veritas’ risk-based audit approach, as well as VeriSelect®, Bureau Veritas’ services certification.
World-class companies in over 100 countries have selected Bureau Veritas Certification as the certification services provider of choice.

Our Core Values and Process

Safeguarding Impartiality

One of our core values, and also a key element to our code of ethics, is impartiality. It is essential for Bureau Veritas to safeguard the impartiality of our solutions and services rendered in order to protect our credibility and brand, ensure customer satisfaction, and comply with the rules of accreditations and regulatory bodies. This goes beyond certification activities. Bureau Veritas has defined and maintains a strict impartiality policy and monitors this closely through impartiality committees established worldwide.

Our Certification Process

Bureau Veritas has designed global processes for certifications that are in line with professional standards and international rules. Upon contacting Bureau Veritas Certification, clients learn about the main steps and processes associated with our certifications, as well as their rights and obligations when applying for management systems certifications. Bureau Veritas Certification makes this information publicly available for interested parties in countries where we operate.

Bureau Veritas Egypt has two accreditation bodies; EGAC as a National accrediation body for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000: 2018.  UKAS  as a global accreditation body for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000: 2018,  ISO 50001, and  others. In addition to FSSC 22000,  BRC

 Schedule of Accreditation Issued To Bureau Veritas Egypt

51 Hassan Aflaton St., Ard EL-Golf .Nasr City, Cairo-Egypt

Schedule No.: 116003 B            Issue No. (1): August 31, 2017           1ST Accreditation Date: (      )  

       Revision No. (  ):                                 Valid to: August 30, 2021



IAF Codes No.


Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 / 9001:2015


Basic metals and fabricated metal products


Machinery and equipment


Electrical and optical equipment




Engineering services


Transport, storage and communication


Other services


Wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods




IAF Codes No.


Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004


Basic metals and fabricated metal products


Electrical and optical equipment


Transport, storage and communication

1- Client Name: United Wires Company.

2-Address:  10th of Ramadan, Block 3 Sharqia.

3- Standard: ISO 9001: 2015.

4- Scope: Design and Manufacturing of Galvanized Steel wires and overhead conductor.

5- Certification Audit date: 9th December 2018.

6- Certification Cycle Start date: 19th December 2018.

7- Certification expiry date: 18th December 2021.

8- Certification No. EGY 18.0012 E/Q

9- Version no. 1.

11- Revision date: 19th December 2021.

12- Accreditation: EGAC.

Quality Policy

The certification scheme operated by BVCE “Bureau Veritas Certification Egypt” is the model system which complies with the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.  The quality system documented in this Quality Manual is supported by the appropriate procedures and other associated documentation.

BVCE understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its management system certification activities.  It is therefore the policy of BVCE to offer an impartial professional Quality Management System Certification service to industry by providing clients with the necessary expertise, practical interpretation, business acumen and approachability to allow them to benefit and perceive value from their experiences with BVCE.

Our objectives are to maintain business growth and maximize client retention, and to be the preferred supplier of companies wishing to obtain these services in Egypt and abroad.  This will be achieved through the dedication of the staff employed in providing clients with the highest quality level of service available.

In order to achieve our policy and objectives all staff must continue to support, operate and promote our quality system and certification scheme, suggesting improvement where these may enhance our present service and maximize client / customer retention.  We are therefore to react quickly to new challenges and changes within our business to ensure that we continue to deliver a first class service to our customers. 

Our staff is determined as a team to ensure that, customers’ needs are realized and securing a long term future for us all.
The certification is conducted according to the relevant internationally acceptable standards.

To view our client certificates please click on the follwong link :

We ensure that all our employees are not submitted to any commercial, financial and other pressure.Bureau Veritas has clear and transparent payment and performance evaluation process for all its employees. All our auditors are paid independently from neither the number of audits nor the result of audits they have participated to.

Our Clients

Bureau Veritas Certification has certified more than 80,000 companies. To learn if a company is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, or to know more about the status of a certified company, please contact the local Bureau Veritas Certification office in the country where the company in question is operating. You may also contact our corporate team directly, click here.


At Bureau Veritas Certification, the needs and requirements of our clients, as well as of any interested party, remains our top priority. Any dissatisfaction concerning a certified client or the certification body is treated with the utmost seriousness and is responded to promptly. Should you wish to issue a complaint, please contact us, click here.


IVS (Inspection Verification Services)

An installation can be achieved in compliance with certain rules. It may be safe for the individuals or the property and may not be entirely satisfactory either because of inadequacy or inefficiency or because of unsuitability with the service contemplate.The technical equipment and installations of a building must satisfy reliability, safety, durability, comfort and optimization of energy saving requirements.

Bureau Veritas' role is to provide the maximum guarantee to the owner that the installations and equipments of new buildings satisfy such requirements.

For several years, the Inspection Verification Services (IVS) of Bureau Veritas has been developing its activities in the Middle East and particularly in the Gulf Region. The missions we carry out in these countries may be achieved according to the Anglo-Saxon, French etc., type of inspections. We carry out such missions on behalf of the owner who is, in most cases, a public authority.

The durability, safety and good running of the following are checked:
> Electrical installation
> Heating, ventilation
> Boilers and Pressure Vessel
> Air conditioning
> Gas installations
> Lift, escalators
> Diverse installations or equipment (storage of inflammable products, explosives or radioactive elements, pressure tanks, boilers, medical liquids, etc.)

Bureau Veritas ensures that:
> The installations are correctly designed and in conformity with the standards and codes in force
> The material and equipment comply with the contract specifications
> The setting up of works are Carried out with respect to the Rules of Art.
> The good running tests are correctly realized and give satisfactory results.


Whether you are operating in the upstream, midstream, or downstream part of the oil & gas industry, you know that pressure from Governments and environmental organizations have forced environmental issues centre-stage, while traditional safety and reliability issues are even more acute as the industry is fuelled by strong demand.

We can help you from the design of your new facilities (CAPEX), in deep water, offshore or onshore to the maintenance and operation of existing ones (OPEX) : our scope of services, going far beyond traditional conformity assessment, encompasses also asset integrity management-related services, training and consulting on Oil & Gas and LNG markets.

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Bureau Veritas Egypt

Phone: + 2 24183020

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