Established in Middle East early 1976’s, Bureau Veritas is serving major Oil companies, its group of companies and major local players by providing diversified solutions and creating added value through assistance at any stage of the life of an Oil & Gas project, from Conceptual Design to Maintenance and Operation.

With more than 150 experts in all disciplines Bureau Veritas allows the Group to supply its day-to-day services with necessary efficiency and domestic knowledge. It offers an extensive range of technical services and solution in the fields of certification, conformity, assessment, consulting and training

To discover our training services, please refer to our training website:


Saudi Arabia Head Office : Riyadh

1st Floor Office# 21 - 27,  Signature Bldg Exit 9

Imam Abdullah Bin Saud Bin Abdulaziz Road

Opposite  El Seif Contracting Company

Al-Shohada District, Riyadh 13241  | Saudi Arabia 

Tel. + 966 (11) 83 40 300, Fax + 966 (11) 230 3291

Al Khobar Office

Al Raja Tower, 6th floor, King AbdulAziz road, Al Khobar city - Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 20189 | Al-Khobar 31952 | Saudi Arabia .

Tel :  +966 (13) 88 210 71, Fax : +966 (13) 88 210 72

Marine - Al Khobar Office
Al Raja Tower, 6th floor, King AbdulAziz road, Al Khobar city - Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 20189 | Al-Khobar 31952 | Saudi Arabia .

Tel :  +966 (13) 88 210 78, Fax : +966 (13) 88 210 79


Jeddah Office
King Road near Intersection of Hera Street,
Haif Center near SAMBA,
2nd Floor Office #23, Shathi District
P.O Box 54091, Jeddah – 21514 KSA
Tel: +966 (12) 6120357
Fax: +966 (12) 6546708

Marine - Jeddah Office
4th Floor. Office #45 Saudi Business Center, Madeena Road, Jeddah
Tel: (+966-12) 6578428
Fax: (+966-12) 6578472

Jubail Office
1st Floor, Tasweeqar Office Building
Opp. Al Farhan Hotel, Abu Baker Al Sidique Street, Jubail
Tel. : +966 (13) 3617715, 3617702, Fax : +966 (13) 3615664

Yanbu Office
Yanbu Al Bahar Chamber of Commerce Compound,
King Abdul Azziz Road., Yanbu Al Bahar K.S.A
Tel: (+966-14) 3963182, 3963183
Fax: (+966-14) 3963184

Jeddah Office - BVSATS

9053 -Al Amwaj Dist., Unit: 5

Jeddah 23814 - 3974

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel. : +966 (012) 2889903, (012) 2889908,  Fax : +966 (012) 2889013

Bureau Veritas Oil & Petrochemicals Services

Bureau Veritas provide independent inspection, sampling and testing services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our network of laboratories, strategically located in key trading locations around the world, provide precision analytical testing to both internationally recognised standards and customer-specific methodologies.

Our services cover quantity determination, vessel and railcar loading and discharge inspections; terminal stock reporting, blending services, quality testing and certification. Other physical interventions include tank calibration services, bunker inspections and meter proving.

Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Services


Oil & Petrochemicals Global Services

Our Certification Services

BureauVeritas Certification

Delivering Added Value through Innovative Solutions & Services


Bureau Veritas Certification operates globally and holds 60+ accreditations to deliver locally accredited certification and verification services.


As a global leader, we offer globally a large range of customized certification and audit services in the Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility fields:


Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS France: ISOTS 16949 (IATF), CDM (UNFCCC), SA8000 (SAAS), ISO9001, ISO14001 (ANAB), IRIS (UNIFE), FSCTM (ASI) and Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS UK Branch: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22001, FSCC, BRC, ISO27001, EMAS, EN9100/9110/9120, EUETS (UK)


Bureau Veritas Certification is strategically positioned to deliver innovative solutions based on our clients’ unique needs. We are committed to bring you added value through our seamlessly integrated global services. Among our solutions portfolio, customers can select from key industries such as aerospace, automotive, agro-food, railways, chemical, and more. We also offer the possibility of combining certifications, incorporating a wide range of recognized standards and bringing you consistency, optimization and efficiency. Based on our proven expertise, we created VeriCert®, Bureau Veritas’ risk-based audit approach, as well as VeriSelect®, Bureau Veritas’ services certification.


World-class companies in over 100 countries have selected Bureau Veritas Certification as the certification services provider of choice.


Our Core values and process


Safeguarding Impartiality


One of our core values, and also a key element to our code of ethics, is impartiality. It is essential for Bureau Veritas to safeguard the impartiality of our solutions and services rendered in order to protect our credibility and brand, ensure customer satisfaction, and comply with the rules of accreditations and regulatory bodies. This goes beyond certification activities. Bureau Veritas has defined and maintains a strict impartiality policy and monitors this closely through impartiality committees established worldwide.


Our Certification Process


Bureau Veritas has designed global processes for certifications that are in line with professional standards and international rules. Upon contacting Bureau Veritas Certification, clients learn about the main steps and processes associated with our certifications, as well as their rights and obligations when applying for management systems certifications. Bureau Veritas Certification makes this information publicly available for interested parties in countries where we operate.


We ensure that all our employees are not submitted to any commercial, financial and other pressure.Bureau Veritas has clear and transparent payment and performance evaluation process for all its employees. All our auditors are paid independently from neither the number of audits nor the result of audits they have participated to.


Our clients


Bureau Veritas Certification has certified more than 80,000 companies. To learn if a company is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, or to know more about the status of a certified company, please contact the local Bureau Veritas Certification office in the country where the company in question is operating. You may also contact our corporate team directly, click here




At Bureau Veritas Certification, the needs and requirements of our clients, as well as of any interested party, remains our top priority. Any dissatisfaction concerning a certified client or the certification body is treated with the utmost seriousness and is responded to promptly. Should you wish to issue a complaint,please contact us.



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 Wood and Forestry Complaints
 Important Announcement regarding FSCTM Certification services
 Wood Scheme Certification Documents and Standards

 Sustainable Forestry Certification   

Bureau Veritas Saudi Arabia Testing Laboratory

Bureau Veritas Saudi Arabia Testing Services (BVSATS) was established in 2006 as Saudi Arabia's and Middle East's most advanced private testing laboratory for Electrical and Textile fields.

Electrical Laboratories

Testing Capabilities : Batteries, Energy, Industry products (circuit breakers, fuses, cables, socket outlets, plugs, switches, motors, transformers, etc.,) Household appliances, IT & Electronic products, Lighting products.

Accreditations : Safety tests, Mechanical tests, Thermal tests, Performance tests, Life measurements & Endurance, IP tests, Dimensional tests, Flammability & Fire tests, Lighting measurements.

Textile Laboratories

Testing Capabilities : Apparels, Gulf Region traditional clothes, Home textiles, tents, agricultural sacks, car upholstery fabrics, leather, yarns, zippers, medical clothes, military uniforms.

Accreditations : Dimensional stability, Colorfastness, Flammability,  fiber composition, Microscopic analysis, Physical, Chemical & Analytical tests.


Bureau Veritas makes its way to the Rail sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bureau Veritas Saudi Arabia has successfully secured the contract of Independent Checking Engineer with BACS consortium of Riyadh Metro Project – package 1.

Bureau Veritas Saudi Arabia will act as Independent Checking Engineer to provide Independent, technical oversight of BACS’s design and build activities and pro-actively report all discrepancies and non-compliances from defined contracts requirements.

Duration: 60 months (Design and Build)

Riyadh Metro Project Overview

The Riyadh Metro Project will provide six (6) Metro lines in the city of Riyadh, to form the backbone of the future Riyadh public transport network. The Project will be complemented by a comprehensive bus network that will be implemented by the OWNER in parallel to the Metro Project. The 6 metro lines are summarized below:

A north-south line (Line 1 / Blue Line) along Olaya-King Faisal-Batha Corridor.

An east-west line (Line 2 / Green Line) along King Abdullah Road.

An east-west line (Line 3 / Red Line) along Al Madinah Al Munnawwarah and Prince Saad Bin Abdulrahman Al Awal Roads.

An airport line (Line 4 / Orange Line) between King Abdullah Financial District and King Khaled International Airport.

A north-south line (Line 5 / Yellow Line) along King Abdulaziz Street.

A half-circular line (Line 6 / Purple Line) along Abdulrahman Bin Ouf and Sheik Hassan Bin Hussein Bin Ali Streets.

The Project is divided into three (3) packages, as shown below. Each package includes the transit system, stations, accommodating structures, park and ride facilities, bus interchanges, depots and Operation Control Center (OCC) associated with the line(s) within a particular package.

a) Package 1: Lines 1 and 2.

b) Package 2: Line 3.

c) Package 3: Lines 4, 5 and 6.

The BACS Consortium, consisting of Saudi Arabian Bechtel Company, Almabani General Contractors, Consolidated Contractors Company WLL and Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, are responsible for delivering the full scope of Package 1 to the High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh (represented by the ArRiyadh Development Authority (“the OWNER”).


Contact us

Bureau Veritas Saudi Arabia
Tel. : +966 (13) 8821071
Fax : +966 (13) 8821072

Testing Laboratory - KSA
Tel. : +966 (012) 2889903,
(012) 2889908
Fax : Fax : +966 (012) 2889013

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Hanna Jabbour
Director-I&F MER District : Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan & Syria
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Country Chief Executive - KSA
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HR Manager
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Area Manager - Central Region
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Office Manager - Alkhobar
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Area Manager - Western Region 
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Office Manager - Yanbu
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Office Manager - Jubail
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Certification Business Line Manager
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Lifting Operations Manager
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Industry Business Line Manager
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Testing Laboratory in KSA

Adnene Ben Khedija

General Manager, BVSATS / BVLABS
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Ali Dhaoui
Electrical Lab Manager, BVSATS Jeddah
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Anan Mustafa
Electrical Lab Manager, BVSATS Dammam
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Osama Samieh
Toys, Footwear & Cosmetics Manager 
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Eastern Region:

Mohammed Tajammul
Marketing & Sales Manager - ER
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Wasim Damad
Business Developer Certification
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Business Developer Industry
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Samiuddin Ahmed
Business Developer IVS Lifting
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Business Developer
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Western Region:

Waqar Ahmed
Marketing & Sales Manager - WR & CR
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Faisal Hamid
Business Developer Certification
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Central Region:

Wasi Habib
Business Development Executive
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Jad Rouhana
Business Developer GSIT
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Martin Chakhtoura
Business Developer KSA- Food and Agrifood Service Line / Testing- Inspection- Certification
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Business Development Executive
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Business Developer
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