Are my suppliers compliant with my social standards? What is the environmental impact of my suppliers? Is there a quality risk associated to this supplier?

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In a world where supply chains are more and more complex and globalized, controlling the risk associated to your various suppliers requires a standardized and data-driven approach. Bureau Veritas has developed an innovative solution to support its clients in their supply chain risk mitigation plans.

SafeSupply is a digital platform connecting the buyers with their thousands of suppliers. This solution enables the onboarding of the suppliers, their mapping based on their risks, and the monitoring of the actions taken by each one of them. One of the major issues is to understand where risk lies in order to know where resources should be focused. SafeSupply addresses this point with a powerful algorithm calculating the detailed risk profile of each supplier.

With SafeSupply, Bureau Veritas provides a solution to mitigate the supplier risks and to improve the overall quality throughout the entire supply chain.

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