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Decommissioning has become a growing trend in the offshore oil and gas industry. In regard, Bureau Veritas has published a complete guide to support you navigating new regulations around decommissioning.


“Decommissioning on the UK Continental Shelf – an overview of regulations” aims to provide guidance for everyone involved in decommissioning work for all types of assets (fixed or floating platforms), from operators and stakeholders to the supply chain.

It provides clear details of the regulations that apply to offshore decommissioning

projects ensuring that the process is performed in a safe, environmental friendly

and cost-effective manner.



You will be able to find in this paper information on:


        >> Latest regulations and legislative requirements for decommissioning

        >> Description of necessary procedures required for each step

        >> How to achieve full compliance with the relevant legislation

        >> How to handle large-scale decommissioning projects efficiently




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