Download the Software Development and Assessment Guidelines [BV-SW-100]

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Bureau Veritas and CEA List have partnered to develop innovative “Software Development & Assessment Guidelines [BV-SW-100]


Our referential guidelines for embedded software development are grounded on the assumption that software developments are framed by well-defined and verified processes which are structured following a standard V-lifecycle, and by a strong verification of the source code.


The guidelines includes information on:

·         The new standard established by Bureau Veritas

·         60 different requirements and steps to follow during the development phases and final use

·         Specific requirements for model based design

·         Requirements rating according to criticality level 1 (low criticality) to 4 (high criticality)

·         Analysis of good practices

·         Objectives for development to meet requirements of optimal operability and high risk tolerance


Simplicity of the guidelines is a major objective, with a risk-based practical methodology being defined that minimizes both software development and software assessment efforts (for all kind of softwares and application domains). Indeed, the small size of the document is designed to ease its use and circulation.


Anticipate the certification process and reduce related risks while developing your embedded software!

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