Bureau Veritas has classed its largest ever cruise ship

Size matters
"This ship is something special," says Jean-Jacques Juenet, Bureau Veritas product manager for passenger ships. With a highly collaborative approach, Bureau Veritas accompanied the teams at STX Europe & MSC Cruises throughout the design and construction stages, ensuring that all existing safety and environmental standards were met or even exceeded.


Many disciplines working as one
The building of this ship, not only to Bureau Veritas class, but to the highest standard possible, is a major achievement that involved close links between five branches of the Bureau Veritas technical department: safety, electrical, stability, structural and mechanical. From the plan approval stage, they worked with technical and operational teams at STX Europe Saint Nazaire shipyard.


Some aspects of the project required input from different approval departments, such as reviewing the drawings for fire detection plans or watertight doors. "All the units worked closely together. They had to, due to the nature of the project; its enormous size and scope called for a joint effort," explains Jean-Jacques Juenet.



A true team effort
During construction at the yard, the safety and structural specialists were present. As construction progressed, the electrical and machinery teams came on board.
Our experts on site, all specialized in passenger ship, considered every aspect of the vessel during the construction including testing all safety systems, verifying the structural fire protection and checking the efficiency of machinery, such as the propulsion system.  Bureau Veritas also ensured that the vessel had the highest possible level of comfort. Avoiding structural vibrations from the huge propulsion plant, and providing adequate noise insulation was a yard's challenge verified by measurements performed by Bureau Veritas team.


As their largest ever vessel, it was important to MSC Cruises that the MSC Fantasia be exceptional, and a reference in the world of cruise liners. Together with specialists from MSC, Bureau Veritas developed the Six Golden Pearls, a new award for environmental excellence at sea, that reflects the specific needs of passenger vessels. MSC Fantasia earned the certificate on every criterion.



Vital statistics
The cruise liner was built by STX Europe at their Saint Nazaire shipyard in Western France, an Atlantic coastal town with a long tradition of shipbuilding. The stats are impressive: 333,33 meters  , 37,92 m wide with a gross tonnage of 137.936 tons. The MSC Fantasia can carry 3959 passengers and 1332 crew members, with 18 decks, 25 lifts and 450 000m2of accommodation of which 27 000 m2 of common areas.



Looking ahead
Collaboration does not stop with the maiden voyage. "Periodical testing and inspection are carried out by Bureau Veritas staff onboard the MSC Fantasia to ensure that standards are maintained through the life of the vessel" explains Jean-Jacques Juenet. "With respect to environmental protection we are also working with MSC cruises to bring all their fleet up to the same level, ensuring they gain the Six Golden Pearls award." 

The MSC Fantasia is a benchmark for other cruise ships to aspire to. It reflects the type of long term commitment to quality that only close teamwork can produce.


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